Saturday, April 18, 2009

Its a big milestone

Brian and I ducked out of work early Friday and he earned his first battle scars.

In some of the inner Orange loops of the white loop (did that make sense?) there are a number of trench crossings which one right after the other which I personally didn't enjoy too much being unable to feel any flow what so ever on them. After a few times up and down I took a bypass around the last one and Brian behind me apparently decided to take it. I heard an exclaimed "Oh!" or something to that effect but figured he was just as shocked by the existence of yet another one of the crossings as I was and kept going. Ten minutes later when I pulled up and looked back he was no where to be seen... Whoops. Sorry brosef!

Like the tough guy that he is he simply brushed it off (carefully rinsed and picked out ever last piece of dirt he could find, wondering all the while if he should go to the hospital, and whining the rest of the ride about what immense pain he was in... Haha! j/k) got back on the bike and kept on riding. Another good session on a beautiful day. Brian is well on his way to collecting the kind of cuts and bruises that a mountain biker shows off with pride.

Here's to you mister "goes mountain biking runs into a tree, gets up and dusts himself off before jumping back on the bike and riding for another 2 hours" guy!

Unfortunately these scars will probably only last a month or so max, so we'll need to make sure he earns some more soon... Maybe Brian will have an urge to take on another tree in retaliation soon.

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