Thursday, April 16, 2009

A somewhat exciting and somewhat dissapointing story all in one

This article caught my eye when I recognized the player's name. Dane Randolph played football for Wilde Lake High School basically right after I graduated so I can't say I knew him though I watched a few games that he played in when home visiting from college. I'd heard he was pretty good, D-I material though I didn't pay attention to what was going on beyond that with him. Looks like that prediction turned out true and he got a full ride to play at UMD.

Now, he's a cusp NFL player. He's got the speed and size to be a big time player; but, well, he's actually a nice person. He knows that there are things in life OTHER then being a star and playing in the NFL and he cares about those things as much if not more then football. That's a sign of a good person if you ask me. No run-ins with the law (he was a criminal justice major, who actually completed his degree at that), no general douch-baggeriness and no apparent chip on his shoulder. Must be too soft for the NFL.

The consistency issue I can understand, but with the size speed and brains of a guy like Dane, seems like it'd be a bad idea to pass up a very, very close look at the guy (yeah and I'm biased for the WL alumnus).

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Bonnie said...

so you didn't play with Dane? hope he gets what he wants.