Sunday, April 05, 2009

CB10 - Just missed it

Brian sent me a subtle message today at the end of his post, so I suppose I'll oblige. As he says, I came in at 1:12:20; the goal was 1:10.00, so close but no cigar. I'll throw it out there that I spent my Saturday morning doing trail work out at Rosaryville and afternoon/early evening walking around DC with Aimee then Jenny and Brian so I didn't necessarily do myself any favors. Whether it was the 2+ minute difference I was looking for I don't know; I'm leaning more towards a lack of mental focus to blame.

The race was huge, probably the biggest race I've ever run (14.5k+) so that was new. The scenery was amazing and the route was a good one. Similar to things I run on a regular basis but with a bit of a different perspective. There were tons of volunteers, more then I can recall at most any race I've been in though with that many runners... To the volunteers, I second Brian's call of Thanks! You guys make it all happen!

Not sure I'll do it again next year; the size is a bit of a turn off for me. It may be a one and done kind of race. Next up on that list then is probably the Army Ten Miler.

On the other hand, Rosaryville is in spectacular shape this weekend. Hopefully the rain will miss us tomorrow and I'll manage to get out for some riding sometime this week. It's about time and I think if I don't Darren is going to come kick my @$$.

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