Thursday, April 16, 2009

GamJams Reviews: Floor Pumps - Park Tools PFP-3

I've got a Park PFP-3, basic floor pump. Nothing special and I've been less and less satisfied with it lately as it seems to leak more and more and take extra work to fill up my tires each time I use it. It's basic, somewhat flimsy feeling plastic design doesn't give any illusions of high quality either.

On the other hand, I own it... and it works. In no way does it's over-all cheapness deter my performance (so far) so I will not complain any more about it. It gets the job done for now. If something sturdier and with better seals becomes available at a fair price one of these days soon, a second pump would be nice since this one basically stays in my truck.

That's all I got.


Anonymous said...

If some of the parts are wearing out....send Park Tool an email and they will send you a replacement - for free. I had a new value head and a new small connector hose sent to me.

KMAX said...

The problem seems to be more centered around the connector by the pressure gage. I've tried tightening it but it still leaks. At this point it's probably not worth replacing anything though that's definitely something I didn't think about so thanks for the suggestion!