Thursday, October 05, 2006

Bent fixies and Smacking Bulldogs

Well it has been a while since my last post; kind of a combination of me having nothing interesting to write, a bit of worry about the effects blogging can have on employment and getting a bit busy. So, finally I have a few things to say and as dumb as it sounds I'm contemplating starting another blog. This being just a basic blah blah type of blog I'm starting to feel like I'd like to write about some other things that maybe mean something not only to me but actually just may find an audience that finds them interesting as well... We'll see about that. I probably should prove to myself that I can actually keep up with posting in one blog before I start thinking about starting another.

So, a couple of recent things... Last Friday I was hit on my bike (new fixie : ( ...) while riding to work (hung over of course after two of the large beer steins at Gordon Birsch and then multiple pints at the Reef after that). It was entirely my fault and in all honesty I should probably be dead but luckily an attentive driver was behind the wheel of the U-Haul sized truck that hit me. As I rode down 18th street before getting hit I was thinking about how dazed and out of it I was and that I needed to be extra careful but I mean c'mon, it was a beautiful morning and I couldn't pass up the ride into work.

When I was about 2 minutes from work I decided to drive through a lane of grid-locked stopped traffic to ride down on the far side of them when suddenly there is another lane and this truck bearing down on me, or actually more correctly hitting me since that was the first time I noticed it. When he hit me I somehow managed not to fall off the bike or anything but just kept riding where I wanted to go then looked back at him like he was crazy and rode away... Obviously still dazed and not realizing what really happened till a minute or two later. Later on Tuesday morning after being out of town for the weekend I realized that I had bent the crap out of my back wheel in the process of being hit... Damn, here comes a new wheel set. The bike is ok right now but when I got the wheel straightened the mechanic told me that my hub was completely ruined anyway (which I sort of have been suspecting) and I needed to get a new wheel and hub at this point.

Over the weekend a group of friends and I drove 13 hours to Alabama to visit our good friend Jeff who moved down to the south a few months ago and spent a nice relaxing country weekend there. Perfect weather, amazing sunsets and of course, "Bull Dog Smackin' Good BBQ". (Sorry I can't find the restaurant anywhere online but it was damn good...)

This weekend it's off to Pittsburgh (for my third weekend off traveling in a row, another reason posts have been lacking so much) to race in an alumni 8 at the Head of the Ohio on Saturday. I'm a bit nervous about this considering I have only rowed twice since I graduated in May of '05 though both of those times things went well. I guess I'll just hope I can make it the 2.6 miles without croaking. Alright that's it for now, hopefully I'll manage this blog a bit better for a while and maybe I'll just start using this to post about all the other things I'd like to go off on... We'll see.

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