Tuesday, October 24, 2006

More on the hopeless part

I agree entirely with the two commentors on my post yesterday; however the other part of the post which I couldn't quite get out in any kind of organized fashion deals with the type of people that even now think Bush is entirely correct and would follow him with blind ignorance off the face of a cliff.

What bothered me most in what I found was that people who are my age; generation y or whatever you will call us still seem to be unable to grasp that the world is changing and so much of what the Bush administration stands for is what is wrong with this world. I always thought that my generation would be the most open minded and understanding generation from all the exposure that we have had to the world and the war and everything else that is going on.

Instead what we find is that the American people are so fat on their own lives and things that as long as it doesn't hit our pocket books too hard then we'll just keep our voices and our actions to ourselves (though after $336 Billion and counting for the war, I'm not sure what other then the price of a gallon of gas could possibly effect our pocket books that much).

That statement goes for the corruption and overall bullshit that goes on in congress everyday as well. I'm not claiming to be louder or more active or anything here and quite frankly I wouldn't know where to start, especially with a president in office who apparently can get away with anything he'd like no matter what the people who elected him say. If only they could plant a 16 year old boy scandal...

This is what leaves me feeling hopeless; Barack Obama on the other hand shines as one of the few tiny glimmers of hope our entire political system has.

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oss said...

I think society is just in a mass state of denial. Well, not just think. I'm very sure of it.