Monday, October 23, 2006

A more normal post

Now that I got that last one out of the way... Went out for a nice easy spin with Andrea yesterday up through Rock Creek Park and over to Bethesda and then back down the Capital Crescent trail and over to Eastern Market and finally home. Was probably around a total of 20 miles but at our pace took about three hours so it was a nice afternoon of riding. We had a really good time even though it was a bit chilly (though not nearly as chilly as today) but I think we had some good conversations and had a nice and easy Sunday workout. WHen we got to downtown Bethasda there was a big street art festival going on so there were a ton of people; all of which thought I looked funny in my cycling hat apparently since they all stared at me. We stopped in at the Bethesda Bagel shop for a bagel and sat and ate while watching other people walk by with the dogs and their kids (and some plaid shirts that probably got more looks then my little hat)... The Bethesda Bagel shop is my new favorite place.

Today since last week was so crazy I decided to take a half day and spent the afternoon down at hains point (freezing) with the normal lunch time cyclists eating Brats and chicken provided by Scott and the Racing Union. It was a really nice thing they did and people really seemed to appreciate it; most of these guys have never seen each other without a helmet and oakleys on so that was also a bit different. One of the members of the racing union named Josh recently began chemo therapy and has just finished his second round and managed to make it out for the event. What an amazing guy; a few weeks ago, right before he started he came out on a Thursday evening and we spun around at Hains Point for a while just chatting and enjoying the day and then two Fridays ago, after his first chemo session he made it out and we rode up to Bethesda for a bagel run (Bethesda Bagel shop baby). Absolutely amazing. It looks like we'll hopefully make it out for another run later this week and he is eager and raring to go again.

The emotional stregth this guy has is incredible and more then a little bit inspiring; I know he will slow down as the chemo progresses but the fact that he is coming out right now and with spirits as high as his are it's just incredible to see. I wish him the vary best and can only hope that I can someday be half the person that he is.

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