Friday, October 20, 2006

Long days and Great Rides

Whew! Long week...

I guess I can now understand a little bit about what it must be like to be a lawyer. Longest and busiest week of my career that's for sure. 10 + hour days are tough man!

Wanted to post all week but by the time I got home from work all week I had no desire to sit and actually do it so here I am a week later. Last weekend was pretty sweet. Friday and Saturday were fun, the highlight being a wine tasting fundraiser for my friend Lauren who is in training with a group (benefiting the lymphoma and leukemia foundation) to do a century (100 mile) bike ride in Arizona
. It's a pretty sweet thing and I definitely think I'm going to get into it some day soon.

On Sunday I went out with some guys from the Racing Union for a great ride out in Loudon County VA. The weather was great even though it was a chilly 34 degrees when I left my house at 7:30am for the ride. I ended up meeting one of the guys out at the corner of Columbia and 18th street to ride out to Vienna, VA where we would meet Scott and would get a ride out to the house where the ride was leaving from, but I was late and then had to stop to flip my wheel over from fixed to free wheel and Scott picked us up a little bit before Vienna. The ride itself was great and I found the Custis Trail is a great ride and goes out quite a ways. Will keep that in mind for future rides (though I can see where it'll get pretty over crowded on weekends and what not).

The Loudon ride was great as well; miles on miles of rolling hills; chasing geared racers on my little sinle speed... I kept up pretty well and really think I could almost hang with these guys on a bike with gears. I'm all about getting on one and getting out there with one. Scott proposed I join the Racing Union and so now I am considering joining; the guys are all really cool and really nice and seem to be more then happy to welcome me to the group and basically just support the bicycle cause which is great. I think I've got a ways to go on the rhetoric and "language" of of the Union but I think I could learn... If nothing else I'll definitely continue to ride with these guys and learn the basics, not to mention the Friday Bagel rides...

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