Monday, October 30, 2006

Completed Marathons

No, sorry I didn't run it; yet. My friend Cole who was in town to run the Marine Corp Marathon ran it in just over 4 hours yesterday and was even up for a bit of tourist walking today! I'm sold, I wanted to have run it yesterday so badly, especially when I saw people walking at a five hour pace which I knew if nothing else I could at least finish it by doing that. So, it's on; March 18th in Virginia Beach here I come!

Went for my first training run today, hah I'm obviously overly pumped up for this. I ran about 6 miles up Conn Ave and down through the Zoo then along Beach Dr and back up through the Zoo and back home and felt great. Its nice to see that the other training I do certainly effects the shape I'm in (sometimes I wonder when cycling doesn't really kill the love handles like cutting weight for lightweight rowing used to). Now I just need to figure out how to keep myself excited about this and keep up the training until race time. Pat has offered to at least run with me though he says he is not going to do the marathon. We'll see about that. I think the goal here will be to complete at least one marathon a year and maybe do more if the firt one goes well. It seems like a ton of fun and watching some of the people cross the finish line on Sunday I just wanted to do it so badly.

The bad parts of the marathon: We went to Madison Ave. in front of the National Gallery of Art to watch the racers and cheer Cole on at about the half way point but after watching almost the entire marathon go by (I literally watched the first place runner go by with the police escort and then saw some of the people who looked like they would walk at least half of the marathon) and still no site of Cole or either of the other two people I knew that were in the race we decided to go to the finish to try and salvage our watching experience. We did get to watch Cole across the finish but it really sucked that we missed him running by. We decided that when we run the shaqmrock one we'll be wearing something that makes us stand out; one guy yesterday wore a big foam cowboy hat throughout the enitre race. We'll see about that, we may just go for bright pink shirts since everyone else will be in green. Plenty of time to figure it out.

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