Sunday, July 08, 2007

The adrenaline rush of Le Tour... Why it's still worth it.

Well, the first two days of the 2007 tour have certainly not dissapointed. What incredible performances we've seen already! First Fabian Cancellara's prologue smashing performance was absolutely incredible. Let me just say the blood was pumping.

The today as I rooted for Millar I couldn't help being dissapointed as he died before the final climb and waited for the peloton but then when two of the last three were caught he managed to salvage the polka dot jersey with a second place on the climb. On the other hand
Stéphane Augé's heroic solo effort to hold off the peloton was incredible as well.

The to take the cake, we get a glimpse of pure experience and confidence as Robbie McEwan somehow came back from well off the back with 10 and even 5 miles to go and blasted through and then out of the front of the pack to destroy the rest of the sprinters. My blood is still pumping from that one. Watching him in the chase I thought for sure his chances were gone for the day but he definitely showed some grit and determination along with some incredible bike handling skills in making it all the way through the rest of the riders to take the win.

If this doesn't make the tour worth watching (drugs or no drugs) then you must not be human!

Or, for another take: Go Clipless has some more compelling (or in my eyes scary) reasons for why you should watch the tour. You best be out there boosting those ratings!

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Beakerz said...

the tour has been great to watch so far! Alps start tomorrow =)