Monday, July 02, 2007

New Routes

What a beautiful weekend for riding! I got out this weekend fro about 100 miles of total riding and figured out a route to my sisters house in Laurel which is very bikable and produces a very nice approximately 25 mile one way trip. Even better is the fact that I could hop on the metro to greenbelt and cut the ride down to around 10 miles if necessary. The route follows the beginning on the Baltimore to Washington trail which I am also looking into using for getting to my folks house in Columbia, MD. It seems like it could be pretty doable and would produce a ride somewhere around 40 or 50 miles one way; great for a weekend at their place.

Anyway, the ride Saturday included just the route to Laurel while Sunday I did the same route with an extra 30 or so miles in the middle along the route that is from Greenbelt to the Bay via Annapolis. All in all it seems like it should be a pretty nice route, though I think there may be a bit too many turns and non-country roads to use for a regular team ride. Eventually I’d like to get a group ride organized that we can call the Union ride and invite teammates, friends and prospective members out on; hopefully soon I’ll get something that’ll work.

It’s so nice having a camera again and I took a few lessons from some of the blogs I read in my photography during the ride. I like having a reason to stop and enjoy my surroundings for a little bit instead of just pushing on the whole way through. I also spend more time paying attention to the things around me when I’m looking for picture opportunities. I’ll just need to make sure I don’t let the picture taking take over the bike riding.

My sister picked up their new puppy this past Friday and being the dog person I am I naturally stopped by three times this weekend. (I probably won’t even do all that when they have their kids)… I took a bunch of pictures of her too and boy is she a cute little pup. A bit shy and scared at first, she is quickly warming up and I can tell she’s going to be a great little dog. They’re being very vigilant with the crate training and following the “rules” of their dog adoption books now so I’m sure she’ll be through that bit pretty quickly here. It’s good to be an uncle…

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