Thursday, July 12, 2007

Change in direction

Well, it’s been a bit of a busy and different past week. The idea of buying a place has been in my mind for months, though the last foray into the world of available housing in the DC area turned up only places that were way out of my price range and left me with that never gonna happen feeling. Two weeks ago however a renewed search sparked by Thoreau’s slight interest in buying sent me on the prowl again, this time with a bit more flexibility and knowledge of a desired location. With less interest in staying in DC and more in a home closer and more accessible to family, I found that the Greenbelt area was perfect for what I was interested in and even contained housing in my price range.

So, one week ago in mentioning my interest in starting to look to my mother I somehow set my self into the whirlwind of activity, stress, excitement and lack of concentration on everything else that is buying a home. My mother got our close family friend involved and by Tuesday we were out in Greenbelt looking at condos. What have I done; but damn I am excited! Looks like I won’t be getting a condo (if I can help it) but am instead going Saturday to look at some town homes in the beautiful Greenbelt Home Inc Co-Op and based on an open house I went to on Sunday there I may be putting in an offer as early as next week. Shoot, at the rate these things are going and the fact that my room mate wants to be moved by mid-August to avoid conflicting with the start of the school year I could be living in my own place within the next 2 months!


In other news, I’ve decided I’m not doing the Pittsburgh Tri this time around after my first two choices of places to stay fell through and my doubts about being able to complete the swim rose higher and higher. I decided now would not be the best time to go spending more money to get out there and not even finish the race anyway. On top of all that I’ve hardly been riding having lost the spark of motivation I seemed to be riding on for the previous few months. Added all together I’d say even if I managed to finish the swim my bike would still suck and my run would even more. Maybe that Annapolis tri would be a good idea, transportation and lodging wouldn’t even be an issue and I’ll be running and biking plenty considering I’ve got the marathon in October… Note to self: get on that! Heck I could even bike the forty miles to Annapolis for the race if I had to.


Freewheel said...

Greenbelt is an interesting place. Good luck!

Josh said...

Greenbelt! Cool... It's a pretty nice and pleasant place, with a very interesting history (very much in line with the Racing Union ethos) and possibly some good new development in the pipeline. Plus, you'll be close to the Greenbelt race series and to riding in the Beltsville Ag Center.

We in DC will hate to lose you (but with housing prices these days, we understand... oy), but good luck with everything.

KMAX said...

It is a pretty interesting area, though I'm staying away from the cluster that is 193/Greenbelt Rd. and looking more in the historic Greenbelt area that was the original federal attempt at a planned community. It's survived as a co-op since the feds sold it and is a really amazing area; kind of secluded from the strip-mall-esq 193 area where all the condos are.

I think I'll really like it out that way. Unfortunately DC is not so much in my range of places considering the prices around here. Even the rents seem to have gone way up in the past year or two.

josh said...

Yeah, "Old Greenbelt" is pretty cool.

Scott and I have a friend from college (named Pete) who lives there. He's a nice guy, and you might want to talk to him since you'll be neighbors. Scott probably has some contact info, so ask him about it.

Beakerz said...

Did you get into the Annapolis Tri? I think it closed it's registration now if you didn't =\

If it did, I'm sure we can help each other. I've been working on my legs (watching Le Tour while biking helps) and I'm sure I could help you with your swim.

I got your email but haven't had time to write back. I'll get to it.

Heal fast my friend =)

Beakerz said...

meanwhile, living in greenbelt or wherever? You sure you wanna live outside the city? I do and can very boring dood.

honeykbee said...

Wherever you live is boring if you're a certain kind of person.

Congrats on the house! As a fellow new (well, first time) owner, I can tell you that "wild" feeling doesn't wear off quickly. Especially after the kitchen sink vomits up all over the place and the only person you can call to help clean it up is yourself!