Thursday, July 26, 2007

A final word

Just to put it out there now; I will not be discussing this year’s tour anymore on here. I will still watch it and will still follow what is happening, but I am no longer excited. The tour no longer matters, it is the dopers and who will be caught and what it will mean in the long run that matters now. I almost wonder if the tour now views this as a purging year (years?) and has decided to blow things up this year and make it big enough and serious enough so that they can begin to recover and at least appear reasonable in the eyes of the fans.

Anyway, despite the fact that I could never get behind Rasmussen and would not have cheered much for him if (when) he won, I don’t like that he was pulled. The is no pride in victory left for Contador at this point; here we are left feeling that he was beat and would have to settle with second and now all of a sudden a move like that puts him in yellow. It is just winning by default; like winning through a forfeit it means nothing but a win in the record. You didn’t necessarily deserve it, you were just there. The live coverage writers at and are right when they mention the lack of meaning in this tour any more. It will never be remembered as the epic battle that it should be; it will be the tour that Vino was kicked out of and that the team pulled out their own man while he was almost the definite winner of the tour.

Sad, but I am now almost viewing this as a joke myself. If it weren’t for the frown on my face and anger in my heart, I’d laugh.

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Beakerz said...

I stopped watching. I hate that.

Every major sport is in a world of shit right now.

Our society is just going down and down and it seems like there is nothing being done or can be done to stop it.