Monday, July 23, 2007

Complete Giro di plosion

Talk about a disappointment. I managed to complete my shit week with about the worst showing possible on Saturday at the Giro di Coppi and it’s no one’s fault but my own. I mentally beat myself in that race and gave up on myself, despite being in a position to possibly finish in the top 30; nothing fantastic but a strong finish for my first road race and the longest and hardest race I've done to date.

During the first lap I let my mind wander to thoughts of quitting and after being dropped I did it, in the feed zone towards the end of the second 12 mile lap. I didn’t need to, I wasn’t even in that much pain, I just mentally didn’t want to keep going and I quit. That is officially the first time I have ever quit like that and it will be the last.

I cannot really understand what was going on in my mind other then feeling the need to finish in the main pack. Once I was out I just let myself believe the race was over and pulled off. It was tough as I watched rider after rider ride by, all dropped from the pack but still going. For whatever reason I didn’t even consider that an option on Saturday. I guess that’s what Cat V racing is for though, live and learn. I know I can’t let it eat me up too much, though I’ll sure try and use it as fuel for the Pleasant Valley road race. I really liked the road race feel as opposed to the crits and office park races I’ve done previously, despite the tougher feel of it. I also liked the climbing even if I sucked at it and I gave up on it; I will certainly be looking forward to this race next year and a stronger showing (aka finish) for me personally.

Hopefully that will conclude my shittiest week of competition and riding ever. My first DNS, my first 2 DNF’s, my first out right quit and flats galore. What crap. To make it all worse watching Vino take the ITT stage and then keep fighting despite his obvious struggles on Sunday I feel like a royal cat 5 pansy.

On another note despite my own tremendously poor showing; what an amazing race. Thanks a ton Giro Di Coppi for teaching me a lesson and thanks to Squadra Coppi for putting on such a great event. The weather was perfect and you couldn’t ask for a greater event.

I’m now entering my emergency diet and training period for the next two weeks to try and get my fitness and more importantly my diet back into shape by the Pleasant Valley RR. I’ve been seriously slacking and eating like crap for the past few weeks and that seriously needs to change. I know I’ll at least have a little bit of extra fuel to run on.


MB said...

The Vino mention was amusing, as a "What would Vino do?" thought is probably the only thing that kept me from pulling off as I finished the second lap . . .

KMAX said...

Yes, well the WWVD? came through even tougher today.

Congrats to Vino for his fabtastic performance today!

Beakerz said...

oh man. I don't know what to say. a DNF must feel pretty shitty but totally don't let it eat you up. SSSOO many more races to go.

How's the clavicle btw?

and tell me more about this eating thing. my 'diet' is shit and I'm not getting in enough calories.

I can only imagine what I'll be like in the Annapolis Tri if I don't learn to eat and ride, etc.

Plus, did you say you have a bike I could use/buy?

send me another email?

thanks dude

Anonymous said...

Dude, you rode strong in the beginning along with your other Racing Union boys. I got dropped on Old Baltimore on Lap 2 and I thought people were quitting when they got dropped, so I was fixing to quit. Just as I was about to pull off, a teammate of mine came up from behind with another guy and said they were going to finish the race. That is the ONLY thing that stopped me from bailing.

The ethic in all but Cat 5 (and I disagree with it) seems to be for people to quit if they get dropped. I was a roadguard for the other races and the pack thinned on each lap but there were no stragglers.

-Ghostman (Dave Battan, Squadra Coppi)

KMAX said...

Beakerz, I'll be in touch shortly. I may be in as a cyclist for the savage man and actually may have a friend interested in doing the run as well.

Dave, thanks for the comment, I really appreciate hearing that. I'd agree with you on the dropping out in higher catagories, which makes it a little worse that I did so, but hopefully that'll be the last time. I guess I gotta learn sometime right?