Thursday, July 26, 2007

Spinning through the rest of the season

Well despite the light headed feelings when standing up and growling of my stomach I think the dieting is going pretty well. Had a protein shake for breakfast, some pretzels for some sodium and a peanut butter sandwich for lunch (probably not the greatest diet food but it’s certainly better then a massive burrito with queso). Unfortunately tonight I’ll have to refrain from drinks with friends and the fried food that accompanies these outings. I’ll wait until tomorrow to weight myself again.

Got in a pretty solid day on the bike yesterday with somewhere around 60 miles total. Went to haines for the lunch ride but mostly just spun out the legs. Then decided instead of heading out to the final Wednesday’s at Wakefield race I’d rather head out to Greenbelt for my first race up there in a while and first B race ever. Chris and I rode out there nice and easy though my poor direction gave us about 4 or 5 miles extra on the ride. We got there with plenty of time to relax a bit before the race though I still had my doubts that I’d be able to hang for the whole race.

I surprisingly did manage to hang in, though at times it was just barely. Coming into the final hill on I actually stood up and felt pretty strong as the A race started pulling up on us again. I started to try to go with the big guys up front but it was quickly apparent I would not be finishing with them and I sat in to finish with the main pack. All in all I feel great about the ride and it definitely helped in the confidence arena after my worst week yet of cycling.

Hopefully I’ll manage to do the rest of the Greenbelt series this season and actually with one more race I’ll have my 10 race starts for the upgrade from V to IV. I think no matter what though I’ll wait until the season is over to do so since I don’t think now is a great time to try to break into the ranks of Cat IV racing. I’ve still got a long way to go before I can really do much good in a Cat IV race. This off season, with a clearer cycling goal in mind I’m going to try to log some serious miles out there and maybe even start hitting the hills a bit as well.

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