Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Dumped by text

Well this says a lot about the current state of our culture; I got dumped with a text message last night... I know we've all heard about things like this happening to people before but I personally had never witnessed it up close, much less been a victim of it myself! It's kind of a strange feeling I have to say; there is a bit of anger there, along with a bit of astonishment (the wow factor we'll call it) and then just the feeling of humor that follows it up (an extension of the wow factor if you will; kind of a wow, you actually sent that over a text message type feeling; you were that person).

It was I have to admit, a bit of a different situation here; we had not been dating for all that long though we had held the "exclusivity talk" recently as well as spent a night together. At this point I should say, I did once try to do a similar cop-out break up but was informed that in no way what-so-ever is it reasonable after a night has been spent together, to break up even over the phone much less a text message. So, I went with the traditional coffee/talk break up and avoided becoming "that guy".

Getting past the fact that I was dumped by a text is the message of the text in itself, "this isn't going to work." I mean really, wow factor x2! I don’t really know how to respond to that either. Not really sure what happened to change the feelings here but ok. I decided though to be just as ummm… not really sure what word to use here so I’ll just stick with clear cut and simple and replied with my "heartfelt" answer of "wow... alright." In my response I have to admit I was trying a little bit to make the girl feel bad, though more because she sent it as a text and there was no apparent reason for it then for ending our "relationship." But the thing is (and I am a bit of a terrible person for this) I was actually pretty relieved when I got the text since I wasn't really all that interested in the whole exclusive thing with her; not to mention was already figuring out ways to get out of that little agreement.

What I really wanted to say though was something like "oh if you only knew!" or somehow let her realize just what I was thinking, but of course I couldn't do that, I mean you can't have a girl hating you and just waiting for the moment to somehow get that "hey, F U" out there that screws you later down the road right? So instead I left her thinking that I'm probably devastated and crying and maybe, just maybe she’s feeling a twinge of guilt, though maybe not cause she probably read my text the wrong way anyway. But... oh, if she only knew…

So mixed in with my original "text dumped" feeling I had a few other more joyous feelings as well, and a bit of a load lifted off my shoulders, however the fact remains... I was dumped by text last night.

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