Thursday, August 17, 2006

A Finnish Lunch

Did lunch this afternoon at this restaurant called Finn & Porter up at 9th and New York, NW and had a really good meal. No bursting flavors or anything but very good food. Apparantly they have their seafood shipped in from Finland fresh everyday (ie... Fin like a fish and finnish like from the country... get it??? get it???). It was excellent food; had a lobster and crab meat sushi roll as an appetizer and then a crab cake entree both of which were extremely tasty, and fresh I might add. The desert was another chocolate filled chocolate cake just like last night and was nothing to be too excited about but the real treat came with the check. Apparently when the restaurant first opened they served cotton candy with the check (free of course) and it just stuck. Was fun sugar filled finish to a nice meal. Would certainly recommend Finn and Porter for a nice seafood meal.

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