Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Friendly Metro Staff

On my way home from work today while entering the metro I remembered an amusing story from heading home after the kickball party last night. I rode my bike to work yesterday and so after the few beers and no food last night I decided to ride the metro home with my friend. So we headed to Union Station where we walked down the one entrance to that station that I personally know of and when we got to the toll area the metro employee working there told me I had to go back and come down the elevator since I had my bike. My friend on the other (a bit tipsy to say the least) began to argue (not in a rude way or anything) by saying it was all her fault and that she was really sorry and please could I just go. Mean while I'm trying to ask him where I needed to go to find the elevator since I honestly didn't know. I think he wasn't paying attention to me because at this point he just kept telling me that I had to go to elevator. Eventually while my friend continues to plead and argue her case he finally says to me "can you please make her stop talking?". I told him I didn't know her well enough and I'd probably get in trouble if I tried that so finallyhe allows me to just go ahead through with my bike just so he doesn't have to keep listening to her. I never would have thought I would be that appreciative of a girl who talks too much.

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