Friday, August 25, 2006


Well, I stayed in last night and had absolutely nothing interesting to say today so instead I am completing my first official meme just in case you wanted to know a couple of things about me. I got this from this great blog I just found on DCblogs today since they don't update for me to read on Friday (not cool if you ask me) I was poking around some of the blogs linked on the side and found this one I really liked.

Four jobs I wish I had the capabilities of:

Opera Singer
International Economic Development Worker
US Rower
International Man of Mystery

Four names I wish I had other than my own:
Johnny (I always loved the "greasers" and wanted to ride a motorcycle and all like in the song...)

Four songs I could listen to over and over again (not including almost anything that Ella Fitzgerald sings):
Ants Marching - Dave Matthews Band
Million Peices - Newsboys
Home - Marc Broussard
Mud Football - Jack Johnson

Four TV shows I love to watch. I answered this before, but I would add one:
Pimp My Ride
Daily Show
Eh... that's all I got

Four places I would like to go to on vacation:

Four of my favorite cuisines:
Mexican (Authentic or tex mex)
American Yuengling

Four places I wish I was right now:
Vail, Colorado
With friends

Ah... my first drunk Meme... Enjoy!

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Jamy said...

Hey Kmax-glad you like my blog! And welcome to the meme. I was too lazy to tag anyone.

Also, thanks for your comment today. It was really kind of you.