Wednesday, August 30, 2006

New Found Respect

Not a lot to say the last couple of days and so I've been lazy about my posting. Monday evening I went bicycle shopping with a friend as moral support since she is scared of bike shops and choices. That was fun, especially when I got us lost, apparently unable to get directions correctly from Yahoo maps. We got there just in time to talk to the sales guys for about a half hour and then head home. I do love bike shopping though so I'm ready to go back.

Last night after frisbee I met up with a friend who was playing kickball a little down the mall and although I was entirely planning on heading home and going bed early I was convinced to go to Irish Times to witness the post kickball debauchery that takes place at the basement bar. Wow! I thought the softball team we played and drink with afterwards at Madhatters was crazy, these guys were a whole other league of crazy.

I've always kind of shunned the kickball leagues here since everyone knows that everyone just plays for the drinking afterwards (maybe I should have been less suprised by the events at the bar). Tonight though they seemed like fun people and really twisted my arm (mostly with the flip cup that would be going on). I always preferred to actually play a sport that involves true physical exertion and maybe even a hint of athleticism as well; hence my love for frisbee. My opinion has officially changed as of last night.

When I got down to the basement there was already a game of flip cup going on which I watched with amazement as the bushwackers wrecked their opponents without a hint of effort and then spent more time celebrating by cheering, dancing, screaming and hoisting fellow teammates after each round then they probably did running the bases in the game. The flip cup continued on through with night with about 4 or 6 different teams maning the tables. At one point there was what was at least a 20 on 20 game going on that was impressively competitive. As the night wore on and the beer continued to flow there was a migration of people to the dance floor while the 80's music blared overhead. Just imagine a bunch of 20 to 30 somethings wearing gym shorts and sweaty t-shirts shouting out the lyrics to songs like baby got back and don't stop believing. Yeah, now THAT's a party!


Jamy said...

I've played ultimate, softball and kickball.

The whole point of kickball is the party afterwards--which was fine by me. It was a really friendly, social, fun crowd.

None of my softball teams have ever been very friendly, which is a bummer 'cause I love the game.

I really liked ultimate too--great sport and friendly people. I'd play again if I weren't afraid of wrecking my knees.

Anonymous said...

dude-not a lot to report? Party hearty my man. :)

KMAX said...

Haha, yeah I guess thats true. I guess what I should have said I didn't mean to have anything to report but then I got dragged out and all...