Thursday, August 24, 2006

Slow days and fast blogs

Slow week here at the Department for me. Like I said before the majority of people are on vacation so it is pretty quiet and to make it worse I just don't have that much going on myself right now. I am working on this model which I am trying to fully automate using Excel Visual Basic where the only interaction a user would have would be a User Form I created and the forecast outputs. Was going really well for a while but now I have been stuck for the last three days on the exact same problem. So I return to my latest time killer, blog writing.

Fun times here by a fellow text message dumpy, though his blog about it was way better then mine and first got picked up by the express for all the morning metro commuters to read. Then his follow up post discussing how horrible it is that it was in the express was picked up by DCBlogs for any other DC bloggers who missed the original mention in the express. I find this amusing and am glad my postings aren't good enough for this type of attention. Though I did pass by my text dumper friend this morning on the way to the metro, I was on the opposite side of the street and didn't have the opportunity to strike up any conversation. I could only imagine and would quite frankly feel pretty bad if this were to happen here and she were to find out about my posting; I mean that would be pretty awkward, specially the next time I go into to work late and try to say hello as we pass on the sidewalk...

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