Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Venting real quick; sorry...

I need a vacation. I can't take one, I don't have the time or the money but man I sure could use one. I think it's just especially rough right now since this is the first full year out of school for me and the first time ever I didn't get some sort of summer vacation, not to mention things like spring break and Christmas break. I'm sure it gets easier as you get more used to it and I will get used to it but right now I just feel a bit drained. It probably also doesn't help that work is so relatively slow right now and everyone else is on vacation.

I hate that my roommate's negative view about his job and working effects me too. He loves to complain about how awful it is to work and how tired he is, he had at least 3 to 4 weeks with no work this summer plus the job he had while was extremely boring at first was usually very flexible and not at all demanding. Now 2 days into the new school year (not even with students yet) and it's the worst thing ever. Kind of a downer, but I couldn't say anything like this to him or I wouldn't stop hearing about it for days. I'll pass, the small shorter complaints bring me down enough. Life is to short and simple to worry that much about little shit that you cannot change.
Well other then the melancholy feelings of wishing I could take a vacation, my ankle is about the size of a baseball and I enjoyed a nice roast beef sandwich for lunch. Cheers!

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svaneswan said...

Kevin -
I've been catching up on friends' blogs only after I'd returned to home base.
I'm sorry to hear that you were feeling this way. If it is of any difference, I felt the exact same way in May this year. One year out of school, not knowing if I were happy or not, if I should stay in DC etc.
I was miserable. Hope you are doing better. Start hogging those vacation days - or better, quit your job and travel. It puts a lot of things into harsh perspective when you are able to step away from it all.