Monday, January 22, 2007

Lazy Sunday Evening

SNOW! It has finally arrived. Yesterday after Chris and I went for a shortened "group" ride I joined him at his place for some cappuccino and conversation and then headed home. My roommate had been up late partying and then while I was out he and the people sleeping in our living room were gone to brunch so I made some lunch and sat down to watch some tv and relax for a bit.

The crew returned from lunch and grew to a party drinking mimosas and beer before heading out to another bar to drink away the rest of the day. I decided to head over to Target in the snow since the roads would be relatively empty and finally pick up the fireplace tools I'd been meaning to get. After I got home I cleaned up the house and got a fire burning which I sat and enjoyed and I made chicken in an ok vermuth sauce topped with melted pepper jack cheese aling with some mexican seasoned rice. The cheese really made the dish, but I really need to figure out a better sauce to go with it.

This morning I decided to skip the ride in and deal with the metro instead which I would say was a reasonable choice considering Chris had a piece of ice fly off the roof of a truck in front of him and hit his helmet. Not my idea of a fun commute. Tomorrow is another LT training ride so I'm sure my legs will be glad they got the rest today.

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