Thursday, January 18, 2007

Wasn't gonna go to happy hour tonight... Key word: wasn't...

I'm drunk now (marginally since drunk is a relative assessment) and am up writing this when I had planned to be in bed attempting to sleep. Ah well, sleep is for suckers anyway.

Attempted to go back to Ella's for the first time in at least a month tonight and they were having a private party. I gave Mikey the what have you and all he could give me was a big shrug so I/we moved the party down to Gordon Birsch. (I was secretly happy about this as I have not been feeling the Yuengling lately and the heavier seasonal lagers at GB really hit the spot).

Mikey owes us next week... I'll be at Ella's next thursday! :)

Wanted to ride home tonight but happy hour canceled that. That's three days in a row on the metro; drives me crazy!

This post ikely makes no sense and I don't plan on fixing that.

As labeled by the latest Comrade:

Novi Myatejniki iz Velocipedni souz" signing off

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