Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Random recap and a sense of Community

Since I’m not feeling creative or inspired right now I’m just going to sum up my weekend activities real quick here. Had couple of RW dinners but nothing to write home about really. Scratch that, Finn and Porter was very good on Friday night (though in my eyes still no Café Atlantico) while Oceanaire was very nice food but was a very unpleasant and unwelcoming atmosphere. We were treated a bit like lesser people since we were there for RW and not regular dinners and we weren’t even half way done with our appetizers when they tried to bring out our main entrees. I’m sure the other things on their menu are incredible but the RW offerings were a bit slim and did not really impress me. Eh, whatever. I’m over it.

Saturday I watched with great depression (or maybe a bit of malice/anger/contempt/dismay) as the Ravens lost to the Colts basically due to a couple of bad plays by McNair and spent the evening in. Sunday got up early and went trail running with another newer member of the RU down along the Potomac and managed to mix in some free-climbing and serious rock hopping as well since the trail had been washed away in parts by the river. Monday was a nice supposedly “easy” ride with some teammates, though the ease of the ride was debatable at times. Basically did a shortened version of the Lantern Rouge Ride again.

On the way back down through Rock Creek park Chris and I both noticed the ever so well known Gwadzilla riding by, though he probably has no idea who we are. Not sure if I speak for Chris on this but I definitely enjoy seeing people I recognize or know while I’m out riding around the city. Actually makes me feel a little bit more like I know the city and am actually a part of it. Since I started reading Gwadzilla’s blog I’ve managed to pick out a number of the messengers he “features” if you will in picture collages. Provides a bit of entertainment as well.

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