Wednesday, January 31, 2007


Haven’t really had much interesting to say since I got back from Michigan other then to bring to light my general lack of motivation and heavy interest in food over the past few days. I brought a bunch of clothes to try and get out for a run while I was out of town but the constant snow and lack of safe running routes mixed with the fact that I forgot a beanie or anything that could be used as one and did not bring anything water proof kept me from hitting the streets.

Was missing the bike too but the cold air and wind has kept me off the bike for the most part. I did finally make it out to Pizzeria Paradiso last night with a small group of friends for some good beer and great pizza. I was catching up on some of the blogs I regularly read when I saw a post about a beer tasting someone did there (which I can not for the life of me find right now) and became intrigued after looking at the menu. I started with a Moretti La Rossa which was an extremely tasty red ale and moved onto the Froach Heather Ale (check out the sweet label design) which was also exceptional. The two were pretty different overall but neither one disappointed in the least. The third and final beer I had was unfortunately a bust as it just was not all that exciting and I thought was overly bitter. That was a Speakeasy Prohibition Ale which I personally would not recommend.

I’ve been inspired lately by Freewheeling Spirit’s beer reviews and have begun to move away from the safe haven of a trusty Yuengling and try more beers. I’ll probably post about the better beers I try, though I won’t do an official beer review so as not to “steal” directly from the inspiration any more then I have here. On that note I would highly recommend the first two beers; the Heather Ale was very surprising and though it is not listed on the website it should be there. Unfortunately they did not have the Cask ale that I noticed listed somewhere since I was at the Dupont location and the Georgetown one has the greater selection and variety.

The pizza wasn't too bad either, it was actually extremely good even though the happy hour "pizza" is really just three slices of a pizza.

I did manage to get up this morning at 5 and get my lazy tail out for an hour run before work. Once I got warmed up it was nice despite the ice forming from condensation in my beard. I even saw about 5 or so other crazies out there with me doing the same! I think I've found a new perfect time to run; this way I can still go home after work and make myself a sweet dinner and have time to digest it before my early bed time too. Brings me back to my college rowing days once again.

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