Saturday, January 20, 2007

A Perfect Saturday

Amazing trail ride today out in the Avalon area of Patapsco Valley State Park up in Baltimore. We started off with four guys, Adam who was a friend of my sister's back in high school that I recently caught up with, his buddy Joe, Terry also of the Racing Union and myself. Unfortunately a few minutes into the ride Terry took a nasty spill and the resulting sore back sent him back home. I just got off the phone with him though and he is feeling better, though still sore but at least he was not seriously injured.

When we first got started we had to jump a curb and cut across a busy street to the trail head and as I jumped the curb I bumped my back wheel pretty hard and thought I'd already given myself a flat. Thankfully it was fine though when we got to the trail head and I started down the trail I had a oh shit moment when it started off pretty rough and my technique being rusty I began to worry about what I was getting myself into.

Things got significantly better for a bit and I started to get comfortable again on my bike. By the end of the ride I felt great and though I'm not as technically good as the other guys I was out with I managed my own for the most part and had an extremely successful ride. It was actually one of the best trail rides I've probably ever had. That is partly since Joe really knew the trails and tooks us through all the good parts and also I think due to the company I was in. Riding with other people always helps me push myself a little harder and to ride a little more aggresively and when those I'm riding with a good it is even that much more pronounced.

I didn't take any spills and only managed to run into one tiny tree while going around a corner way too fast. I was amazed at how quickly I picked up my technique again though, I'll have to make a point to keep getting out more so I can improve on the few skills I have instead of have to relearn them everytime I get out. That said I'm sure I'll make it out with those guys again soon and also a couple other guys from RU are also interested in some trail riding. Should be a good time. I think I want to try out one of those 29'ers; Adam had a pretty sweet one that he built up himself and seemed pretty happy with it. Alright so now there are 2 more bikes on my list...

Tomorrow it's a long ride back on the roads with some more RU guys.

On a side note it looks like there is a war brewing here...

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