Friday, January 05, 2007

Resolution of my self image to reality...

As a follow up to my post from the other day, I’ve decided to actually come up with a small list of serious resolutions for myself this year. I have never in the past made any resolutions for the new year so I’m hoping this year setting them and subsequently posting them here will sort of force me into really grabbing onto them and making them reality. That said, I think my resolutions are more of life-long goals that I have had for a long time and just get side tracked from but all sort of come together to help build myself and my character into the person that I see myself being and the person I have always wanted to be.

So for my first resolution I restate my previously posted resolution:
1. Drink less and spend less time at bars etc… There are multiple goals here that really in turn lead to further resolutions to be stated. One is of course to save that money I waste on a night of partying and put it towards a better end like for one, paying off my debts. The other is becoming a more responsible and level headed individual. My drinking can sometimes bring out the worst in me; I of course like to think it makes me more fun and interesting but in reality I often can just become obnoxious and I definitely loose whatever attention span I previously had so that actual conversations can be hard to hold with me.

2. Save more money; I tend to be a spontaneous and compulsive shopper, when I decide I want to get something I generally go out and get it whether I either need it or even really ought to be buying it right now. Sometimes this relates to things like clothes/cycling stuff, sometimes it’s the old motorcycle I just decided to bid on on ebay. These types of expenditures need to stop; I don’t have the means to make them and I more often then not have no need for the purchased item/s.

3. Become more responsible; whether this is to be more financially responsible or just more responsible in my general actions and involvements, I need to just generally grow up. I’d also like to become more responsible in my community, whether through cycling advocacy, volunteer organizations or just becoming a more active member of the surrounding community. A large part of how I see myself is as a community oriented and involved individual. I find myself admiring Gwadzilla when I read his posts, he really comes across as a passionate and caring member of the community; both the cycling and city community.

4. Become more giving and less selfish with my own time. This sort of stems off number three here as a lot of times I think we all can be a bit selfish with our own time, which there is nothing wrong with as we all need our own personal time, but I just want to be more giving and helpful with my time. Whether it’s going to the rescue shelter (ok I admit that is a little bit selfish since I absolutely love it there and probably get more out of the experiences then I give), spending time helping friends, or strangers who need a helping hand or lending an ear to someone who just needs someone to listen. I used to be a much better listener, but I have lately become too selfish to even do that.

I think that’s a nice base layer to start off the year… Hopefully now I will feel the need to actively work on this list and make myself really accountable for these resolutions.


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