Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Quick Comcastic Rant

This is just killing me right now; I’ve continued to duke it out with Comcast to get my account all straightened out and the lack of customer service is just amazing. After faxing my information to the three numbers I was given five times last week I was finally told yesterday to make the trip out to their payment center to drop it off in person. I went during my lunch on Tuesday and went to the administration offices and was told to leave them at the desk. When I asked to speak with the person that would be taking care of the situation so that I could talk about the details of what needed to be done and how it was going to be handled (I even asked if I could get a phone number that I contact her at and not for the first time), I was told she would give me time to get back to my office and she would give me a call. Four hours later I receive another email from the support services people telling me there is someone scheduled to come to my house on Thursday morning to set everything up…

Thanks for the phone call and outstanding customer service guys. If it wasn’t for the hundred dollar credit on my account I would say forget it and find another provider right now. Instead I’m going to stay home Thursday morning and wait for the service people to likely show up hours late and waste one of my personal days. Then I think I’m going to switch to another provider as soon as possible after the credit is gone.
My quick rant for the morning… I actually had a pretty nice weekend enjoying the weather and had plenty to write about; hopefully I’ll get some time and get some things down soon on all that.

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