Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Another workout another lesson

Today was another easy run for the CB10M training plan which I completed over lunch. I focused pretty hard on taking it easy which is something I'm terrible at. Generally I settle in to a still easy and very comfortable 7:30 minute mile. Today the warm up was closer to 10 and I threw in a couple of fartleks each about 1/3 of a mile long. Not planning on that but I kept seeing a "goal" and having to "meet" them (read other runners and a pedicab and I had to beat them). I'm "that guy", a very close relative to the infamous BikeTrailGuy.

Since my last run on Friday my legs have stayed pretty sore; though that was likely assisted by the day of house work on Saturday. The delayed muscle soreness was expected after not running since December though it was lasting way too long and didn't seem like it should be so bad considering the amount of "cross" training I've been doing on the bike. Well today while running I think I figured it out.

Lately with my schedule being a bit hectic and eating in with Aimee I've been slacking on the protein intake. Lots of pasta and beans though as usual, late food intake after lunch runs and no protein to speak of leads to poor post workout muscle recover. After my run today I dropped over to the snack bar quickly and grabbed some yogurt and unshelled peanuts and scarffed down a few dozen grams of protein (surprisingly poor protein selection at the snack bar).

A few hours later and I was actually feeling like the muscles were recovering better after this one. As I often like to suddenly realize, again; it's amazing what good nutrition can do for a body.

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TerribleTerry said...

it's sure easier when it's warm too :-)