Tuesday, February 10, 2009

A plea to any readers

Got a plea for all you folks who may stumble across this blog today. The bro-in-law Brian is making his own plea, which I fully support in the form an informal letter. The letter is to his wife, my sister the infamous (future) Dr. J.

The B master in action.

See, Jenny has a bike although she apparently hates the saddle but doesn't really ride it ever. Brian wants to spend time with her and get out on his bike, all at the same time. So, his plea naturally is for her to join him for some easy and relaxed bike riding. Sounds ideal; probably like what Aimee and I will be doing later on this year when it gets warmer... Double date anyone?Family Portrait with Kona

My plea to you? Go over to Brian's plea and lend a quick comment in support of Jenny's (soon to be) blossoming cycling career. It's always good to get more people out on bikes, and when it's another of my family members? Well it's just that much better!

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