Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Where is the love???

C'mon now! I know at least 1 person read my blog today! Terry, you posted on my previous post! Help a brother out! We want to get my sister out of the house outside enjoying the fresh air and away from the stresses of work and life! (my previous use of words was deemed unacceptable due to the unintended possible implications of wording. Dr. J is a VERy busy person who is rarely simply spending time int he house. Since high school she has been very active in multpile groups and organizations many revolving around her life pursuit of French Horn playing and profession and soon to be completed PhD.)

Then we can work on translating that into more things like hiking and backpacking trips and all sorts of fun stuff!

I suppose I have WAY over estimated my weight in bloggerdom. I thought I'd have managed at least a comment or two beyond my own on the brosef's blog.


KMAX said...

43 unique visitors yesterday and not 1 could go and share the love. Ouch.

My ego is smarting this morning.

Anonymous said...

Hi Honey,
This will mark the 3rd time that I've tried to post on your blog or brian's blog. I hope it works!
If it does, then I'll try him next.
Anyway, I hope it doesn't hurt your feelings- people not posting for Jenny- maybe they've been trying just as hard as I have been :)


Anonymous said...