Monday, February 23, 2009

Everything but riding

The blog has been silent for a while, in direct proportion to my lack of riding; or running or anything else for that matter. The Park Patrol training put a bit of a cramp in my style with the long weekend training mixed with every thing else life has to demand from me. Now that it's over hopefully I'll start getting out for some longer weekend rides. Talk of another mini-epic out at the Shed has me hopeful for this coming weekend.

The weekend was a mix of stuff including the Hirshorn Museum and a DC Roller girls Bout(?) for Aimee's bday on Saturday. All strange stuff but a good time with Aimee, her folks and her friend Katie none the less.

The Roller Girls air it out between hits.

Attempted an assault on the Hoyles Mill connector trail between Schaeffer Farms and Black Hills but a quick 2 minutes on the trails revealed that was not an option. Rolled around the facilities there working hard to not get blasted over by the wind and headed back to the truck. Bike patrol training after that was interesting if for no other reason then riding through some cone obstacles I'd never tried before. Otherwise pretty basic stuff.

Today my short lunch run was again blasted by the 20 - 30 mph sustained winds. I guess that's one way to get hill training in when I do my lunch runs on the perfectly flat National Mall.

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