Friday, February 13, 2009

Necessary evils

I've never enjoyed the dentist and have been successfully avoiding it for the past few years now. Successful being a relative term. One thing in particular I've been avoiding is the removal of my wisdom teeth. I know most people did that back in high school but I always stayed away; they didn't bother me so I didn't bother them is my thought process.

Today, I'm heading in for my referral to go have them taken out. The bottom right tooth is making it's way in, awkwardly and they are now officially bothering me. Mostly the gums and inner cheek are swollen so I keep biting them while I eat and the way I see it is when it messes with my enjoyment of eating it's over. So, today I bite the bullet, probably literally since my insurance sucks and I'm not going to want to pay for the serious sedatives, and get the ball rolling. Hopefully things go smoothly and this doesn't eat up my entire tax return.

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Sigberto said...

Good stuff. I'm glad to know I'm not the only one that is putting off the inevitable removal of Wisdom teeth, haha. For me it's a scheduling thing. If I have to take days off of work, I either want to be on vacation or riding my bike, not under the knife...