Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Snotcycle meets Artcycle

Flickr user SEPants caught some really great images from Snotcycle on Saturday. Really, a bunch of them I think are just awesome (yeah, I said it... like totally). Then, there are a few of me. The photography is wonderful, don't get me wrong; and like anyone else I love seeing pictures of myself racing. Guilty pleasure.

Only, I look like a pansey in all my shots. Whats with that??? Everyone else looks tough or like they're really busting their balls and like they're really out there racing hard. I look like a cross between laughing and exhausted. I need to work on the race face a bit.

Oh, and whats the deal with this shot? While I'm fairly splattered with my fair share of mud, the guy next to me looks completely clean. If I remember correctly he'd just pulled over to let me by, hence why it looks like he's riding more parallel to me then behind. But even if he was just rolling along slowly he should still have at least SOME mud on him!

It appears I'm displaying the namesake in my beard in this one.

Jason Berry seems to have done a little photoshopping on some of the images as well. I like what he did with the first and the third. Oh, and the image of him racing; now that's what I should be looking like during a race!


Jason Berry said...

The pS work was done by Bruce Buckley of MetroSports. He probably removed the mud on you as well. Sneaky that Bruce...

KMAX said...

Hmmm, couldn't find the b&w with the yellow lenses so figured you'd done it.

It is amazing what can be done by someone that knows what they're doing with those programs.

KMAX said...
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