Monday, February 02, 2009

The Jury is in

Results have been posted, and just as I suspected; a solid midpack finish. I was happy to see that managed a top half, and despite the fact that my finish is pretty far from competitive in the Sport catagory, it is a fine result considering my feelings on the bike during the race. I knew very early on my goal was not really aiming for a top 10 finish. The slickness of the trails and my limited technical abilities and confidence on the day assured me of that.

The really sick part is that most of that is actually cow dung.

My lap times display my confidence feelings on the day pretty well I'd say. My first lap I was staying upright and riding smoothly for the entirity. The second I started to feel the wet and slick ice in new areas including my clide off the trail and behind the tape. The slower lap time is partially due to that and partially due to my decreased confidence follwing that. The third lap of course, the crash in the same place destroyed my confidence for a bit and a number of other things took there jabs at my ego as well. The third and final lap was as expected my slowest of the day.

The Sport winner was faster each lap. If only I had the increasing confidence that he apparently managed. In the Pro/Expert race Aimee's neighbor and ex-coworker and current friend/s husband Colby pulled out a 4th place finish in the muck. Congrats to Colby; accompanied by complete and utter envy after seeing him roll by the line on his Gary Fisher Super Fly. Damn, I had no idea he had one of those!

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