Saturday, February 07, 2009

Wasting an opportunity to take on another

Here it is a again, mid-winter-spring. Beautiful, warm, sunny day all smack dab in early February. Probably hit the mid-sixties; probably amazing. I wouldn't know.

I spent the day inside a (freezing) classroom learning about traffic directing and suspect identification. Bummer. Sadly part of becoming a certified (and fairly extensively trained) volunteer park patrol citizen involves spending two full Saturdays cooped up inside a classroom learning. Good training and interesting stuff and all but on a day like today it's about the last place I'd like to be.

In all reality the training is good stuff and will be pretty cool once it's over. Through the program it also looks like I'm going to be able to get CPR certified and take the defensive driving training required for the use of the patrol vehicles (no, not squad cars). I'm guessing it's probably similar to what police cadets go through, though maybe less rigorous. Good stuff. On top of all that the experience I'll gain from this could be a nice foot in the door for any kind of ranger program I may manage to get into. Not that I'm doing this for complete personal gain per say, though that does have something to do with it.

One more week of Monday, Wednesday and Saturday and the classroom training should be over for a bit. On bike, CPR and defensive driving comes a bit later.

Unfortunately, the real kicker comes for Aimee and those around me from today. Aimee knows I'm a happier person when I get to ride or get out and hike and do things of that nature on my weekend. Tomorrow is a day reserved for painting and various house work so that won't be working out for me either. Maybe next weekend.

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