Friday, February 13, 2009

Squeezing one in

Got an unexpected trail ride in today at Fairland after hearing reports of Wakefield being good to go. After the dentist I stopped by and walked a section of trail which revealed a doughy trail head area but some solid trails beyond. Not too bad and with possible rain coming tomorrow not a bad idea to get in a short ride. Brian and I did the basic loop and enjoyed the day back on the mountain bikes. Managed to focus on some of the bigger ruts that'd been molded into the trail while they water logged and smush some of them back down even.

Brian, who is having some IT band issues and spent half the ride off his bike stretching ;-) kidding really enjoyed himself out there and felt good on the bike. I on the other hand just was not feeling great with my lines and on top of the bike. At times I felt like the bike was moving around strangely underneath me but I think the truth was I just wasn't riding the tight twisty areas very well.

There is talk of a trip out to the watershed over the weekend so I may try and ride there for the first time on Sunday. Tomorrow will be another day in the training room, though the last of the academy with test and all. Here's hoping I've gotten my study on enough.


Brian said...

What watershed? I'm inviting myself. Count me in.

Brian said...

Also, that was a WEAK ride review.