Wednesday, February 04, 2009

The runs

I feel that I know way too much about my bosses family's pooping habits. Recently her 6 month old(ish) son was constipated for over a month and it was a big deal. So, I heard about a lot of what was going on. I mean, a lot. Now her husband and nanny both have the runs. I also remember hearing about another son of hers being chronically constipated a while back as well.


Today I did my first run since the Christmas break in TN. I'd had some discomfort on the outer right heel/lower ankle that was constant and obviously aggravated by running so I wanted to give it some time to recover since I believe it first began sometime around the 1/2 IM. I could still feel it a little today but it wasn't too bad and I'm going to keep running on it and see how it feels.

The Cherry Blossom 10 Miler is coming up in April and training program I'm lightly following started about 2 weeks ago. For not having run since December I felt pretty good. Aside from the lower back tightening up mid-way through the four and a half miler there were no performance issues to report.

Clothing however was a different story. I rolled out with 2 layers of tights on; too much I knew but I didn't have any good coverage for the boys so I figured the two layers would at least help. They did, for a while. But, in 34 degree temperature in the breezy open conditions of the national mall that can only work so well. When I got back I had the very unusual feeling of being cold, only in the nether region. Not gonna do that again.

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