Tuesday, February 03, 2009

My big pre-season news

Big for me, though you may or may not really care. A while back I mentioned that Racing Union had officially folded after the past season. All in all probably not a terrible thing since many of the active racers have since joined newer, larger and more active teams that will provide more opportunities for group rides as well as team racing. I always felt it was treat to have more then 2 guys from the team in any given race, though when there were only 3 or 4 guys on the team in my Cat. that was a tough thing to manage.

So, on to the "big" news. I've officially joined the DCMTB squad for the 2009 season. I'd been talking to Darren a bit about it and on Sunday I attended my first meeting and also the team's annual party. Everyone I met was very friendly and welcoming and I think I even managed to remember a handful of faces to put with the names on the listserv. That along with the fact that I've submitted my clothing order pretty much seal the deal, which is basically what I'd been waiting for to make the announcement.
Last year's DCMTB team photo at the team sponsor Looking Glass Lounge.

What this also means for this season is that my racing will be more focused on mountain biking, while road racing will be more of a side thought, if I do any at all. DCMTB is a very visible squad in the region and probably one of the more well known mountain bike teams. They regularly clean up at the races they attend including last year's Baker's Dozen and 24 hours of Big Bear races.

I'm looking forward to racing with the DCMTB folks and even more importantly I'm looking forward to everything I'll learn from racing and riding with them. Here's to a brand new season and the endless possibilities it can hold!

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