Thursday, January 08, 2009

The best cycling gift I haven't yet been given.

Today was supposed to be a new installment of the GamJams Review series, this one focused on the best cycling gift recieved. While Chistmas is past and over for most, I still have yet to complete my Christmas festivities so I am unable to complete this review. Jenny and Brian wen tot Disney World for Xmas and I of course went to TN with Aimee (where I recieved a totally kick ass Christmas gift).

So, tomorrow my folks are coming down from Greentown, PA to celebrate not just Christmas but also my Birthday (tomorrow in case you want to buy me something to compete with my best cycling present post). Should be a very fun weekend, kicked off tomorrow (doubtfully) with an attempted ride after work and followed by dinner at the Favorite restaurant, Sticky Rice in the H St Corridor.

PS... anyone interested in a 32inch Flat Screen (not flat panel) Toshiba TV? It's digital so no conversion box necessary...

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