Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Duty Served

I'm done, for the next three years. It was a tough day of discussions and deliberations; at least I'd imagine it was for the people who decided the fate of the jurors today. Once the PG County schools were announced as closing two and half hours early it was essentially a given they'd have to let us go. Too many people claiming the need to pick up their children or be home with them for the second half of the day. Who knows if they all have children but I don't think it was within the power or interest of the court staff to figure that out.

So, with a dusting of snow across the grass and wet roads I headed back to Aimee's in DC where Cassie awaited. The drive out PA Ave seemed substantially easier then down 495 during morning rush hour so she allowed me to stay. Even better, some personally made wine (through a vineyard in California) from my Uncle was just delivered to Aimee's since MD does not allow Alcohol to be delivered to homes. Had I not gotten out early today we'd have been trying to figure out how and when and where we could go pick the wine up. Thanks PG County government for lending a brother a hand.

Now if I can just get confirmation on the Tuesday night Rosaryville ride for tonight. The I can officially state the cards are falling my way today. (Knock, knock on wood)

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Brian said...

I like wine...gimme, gimme, gimme!