Sunday, January 11, 2009

Post Birthday Ride

While things didn't quite work out for a Birthday ride for me on Friday, Saturday was another story. Friday night through my bday dinner with the fam I managed to pester Brian hard enough to convince him to ride with me in the morning despite his scheduled long run. We headed over to Fairland for simplicity and he broke out the new bike for the first time.

Bri airing out the new rig. I promise this will be the last shot I post of this "jump".

I brought Cass along for the ride and we rode the still frozen trails for about an hour or so. Nothing too hard or fast, we just rode. Brian broke in the new bike with some sweet and solid single track and a few jumps here and there for good measure. His riding is going to benefit so much from the bike (and vice versa considering it's been sitting on the shelf of Proteus for the last 2+ years). Just the switch from the old Raleigh is night and day; by the time the season rolls around he's going to be solidly kicking my ass as opposed to just handing it too me. I'll take at least partial credit for that thank you very much.

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