Monday, January 05, 2009

A new horse in another stable

So Brian had officially gotten the itch. I'd finally really managed to pass it along and get him really excitedd and ready to get himself on a new bike. The money was there, the obligations had been met, all that was left was for him to find a bike.

Sunday morning we decided to head North to check out a couple of shops beginning with the high end brands at Avalon Cycles. Turns out they were closed, under new management; who knows if they'll open again.

Stop two was the Race Pace shop on Owings Mills. It'd been a few years since I'd been in there so I was shocked at how many bikes they had. Excellent selection of Road and Mountain and everything else. We all did some test rides, including Brian's college buddy Jeff who was in the market for a trail bike. The staff was very friendly and helpful and I was definitely impressed with the shop all around. Jeff liked the Jamis Dew Plus was it's versatility and general ruggedness. Brian and I basically liked everything.

On a whim we decided to drop by Proteus, more or less thinking we might find last year's Dew Plus for Jeff at a discount. Instead we found a two year old Jamis Dakota Elite hanging out on the shelf just waiting for the right home. Proteus has been working on clearing out their older models and the few 07's left over have been marked down to 50% off.

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So Brian's got a new ride. a 2007 Jamis Dakota Elite - a $1650 MSRP for $825. Damn I'm jealous right now. That's a pretty well reviewed rig; especially at an entry level price. Looks pretty awesome too.


jv said...

wow. totally stoked that your (bro in law?) got that bike. I didn't realize it had sold. I'm not in the shop as much in the winter.

KMAX said...

Yep. I'm stoked about it until he starts to smoke me on our rides. Then I think I'll be over it...