Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Is it spring yet?

As I've said before, I hate this kind of weather. If it's got to be cold and there has to be precipitation why can't it just be snow? Hopefully this weekend things will clear up enough for some trail riding with B and his new rig. He is going to be so damn happy with that bike.

The Dakota resting in "The Man Cave" - which apparently goes by the same rules as the tree fort. No parents allowed as Brian informed me today.

I've got a couple of fairly big things on the back burner at the moment. I'm not going to discuss them for now since nothing is for sure at this point but I am most certainly hopeful. I will post up for sure if any of this stuff ends up going through.

The small stuff. Before taking any photo's Brian was sure to remove the novice markings, aka spoke guard and wheel reflectors. Good work Brian.

For now, enjoy Darren's shots from the New Year's Day ride.

I believe at this point I'm about to run head long into a tree, either that or my toasty warm Castelli Cardio bib tights just caught on fire.

Joel's recap.

My own recap.

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