Friday, January 23, 2009

Friday Bagel Ride

I wasn't going to ride today but with highs reaching up near 50 it was a hard sell. Leaving Aimee's this morning (still there for inaugural week and after yesterday's Pro-life protest crowds I'm very happy about that) I threw in my knickers an under armour top and a jersey just in case. Next thing I knew I was emailing Chris and Scott about riding during lunch.

Scott felt he was over dressed so he decided to put on a show for the new President.

He also went to the river and threw ice at Chris and I. I think he was just so happy to be away from work today that he lost the majority of his remaining sanity for a breif period of time.

We ended up doing a somewhat "special" down day ride that we've been doing on occasion the last few years which is named simply the bagel ride. As you might have guessed we ride to a bagel shop and back. Whoaa, teh crazy. Unfortunately as Scott likes to say DC is a complete bagel wasteland so our beacon of light shines from the downtown streets of Bethesda, Maryland, just off the Capital Crescent trail.
Riding out PA Ave.

The ride was comfortable with some chilly breezes. No hard efforts and lots of conversation. A great way to end out the work work week with a smile. An even better way when you return to the office close to 2 pm and cut out a half hour early at 3. Sure hope the Boss man didn't stop by looking for me today.Scott takes it by a nose... or maybe Chris takes it by a helmet brim... What's the call on this?

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