Saturday, January 17, 2009

Inaugural Roll Out

This afternoon, after it warmed up a bit and I got some hot coffee and food in my stomach I headed out for a ride in the still chilly DC weather. The Weather Channel said something like 21, feels like 5 or 10 so definitely a cold one. I wore my lobster gloves, new under armour top, under armour tights and castelli 's over top, a wind vest and my Campy jacket and surprisingly felt near perfectly dressed for the majority of the ride. Only things that was cold during the ride were of course my toes.

The moto-cops looked like they were lining up for a parade of their own.

The street lights lining Pennsylvania Ave decked out in their Inaugural best. DC and American Flags and all topped with golden Eagle statues.

I swung down to the Capital area first to check out the scene down there, stopped for a few pictures and generally puttered around for a bit before heading out towards Georgetown. Things were being their crescendo for the festivities and everywhere I looked there were police officers with lines of cars stopped to ask them directions on how to get here and there. Essentially the place was over run with police and tourists. Craziness.

The President's Parade viewing box. I guarantee it's got a great heater!

Made my way out to the Custis trail assuming it'd be nice and empty in the days' cold and road moderately hard out to the W&OD trail and out a bit into Vienna and back. Saw a decent number of runners and a handful of cyclists but for the most part the trail was mine.

66 Appeared fairly loaded heading back in to DC in stark contrast to the near empty trail.

Riding back across the city I was getting more then my fair share of stares from the wandering tourists. Getting to Aimee's front glass door I realized why. I'm so glad I have my beard.

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