Monday, January 12, 2009

Thoughts on food

After seeing some glamour shots Kyle posted on his blog, thoughts on nutrition come to mind. (Kidding Kyle, I love your pod though!) In all seriousness my nutrition has gone down the tubes since probably September. My meals on my own have essentially been veggie fajita burritos at Chipotle (not that bad though I think at times agree with Fatty, it's just too much. I'm tempted, I could soooo get my monies worth outta that!), Mac and Cheese or spaghetti and meat balls. Aimee saves me from my own cooking some and we'll eat out somewhere other then Chipotle no and then but otherwise I've remained on a fairly strict bachelors' diet. Not the worlds worst but certainly not doing me too much good, especially since the most common is the mac and cheese.

Playing with my food... The reduced balsamic vinegar and tomato sauce.

Tonight I felt the need for something else so I thawed some chicken breast I had and used a method I picked up at the only cooking class I've ever taken. It's really easy to make and can turn out some pretty tasty results. Today was sauteed chicken in a balsamic and tomato based sauce along with some basic vaggies and couscous thrown in for good measaure. Not too bad if I say so myself.

The cooking continues.

Now if only I could eat like this all the time.

The finished product. It may not look great but it definitely tastes pretty good.


Kyle Jones said...

Everyone loves looking at a mostly naked grown man sitting in a giant egg with a pink cap.

KMAX said...

Don't forget the speedo! Though the pink cap does the most for the shot.