Wednesday, January 14, 2009

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Inauguration Station from the roof of DOL. 1/13/09

A LOT going on at work these days. With all the action of Cap Hill regarding another stimulus unemployment insurance actuaries get many requests. Top it off with Obama's new team with new numbers needing to be run and the head actuary leaving for Vietnam for 3 weeks beginning Saturday morning and we've found ourselves in a entirely new kerfluffel. I personally enjoy the new projects and tasks as a bit of freshness in the work week.

The other view from DOL's roof.

Cycling relations heed likely discussion for the time being. My riding this week has been limited to the 2.5 miles over to the metro with a massive chain lock around my neck. One good thing, I think through my lack of ability to shift the rear derailleur I've located the perfect single speed gear ratio for the cross bike. Now I just need to figure out what it is and then get it actually set up as a single speed.

Morning straightaway

This morning the rise was short so I certainly couldn't complain of discomfort, but the cold was evident. As I waited on the platform for the next train and registered at least a couple of strange looks my way I combed my beard with my ungloved fingers to smooth things out. To my surprise the warmth of my fingers melted away a few strands of ice. No wonder.

Some day maybe it'll snow and I can try for the Iceman beard.

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KMAX said...

I need to proof read these things. Some of this stuff I don't even know what I'm trying to say. In others I just can't write my words correctly.