Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Racing Division

I was just thinking and I'm not sure if I've even mentioned it here on the blog. After the 2008 season (well actually throughout the 2008 season I should say) the Racing Union racing team essentially dissolved. Unfortunately the small group of riders was too spread out and engaged in life's other callings to continue to operate as a racing team.

The core racers (those who actually spent 2008 racing some) mostly moved over to join friends with the Whole Wheel Velo club and should be well suited with the larger and more active team. A couple of other folks may have moved to other local teams as well, not positive but I vaguely remember someone moving in with the Coppi's though that might have been Jeff prior to last season.

The 95 degree heat at the 2007 Pleasant Valley Road Race

As my road racing interest has waned a bit I'll be unaffiliated for the time being, though we'll see how things play out. I have some ideas for my season that I'll get into a bit further down the road. For now I'm just going to ride.

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